February 3rd, 2014

Visions of Kuwait (via arabhorse.com)

Arabian Breeding in Kuwait 

Scott Bailey and Michael Delcore recently visited Kuwait to see several breeders there and find some hidden gems. We highly recommend paying a visit to Kuwait, the people are extremely kind and very hospitable. The farms and breeding programs they are establishing are something amazing.  We started our visit at the beautiful Ezzain Arabians owned by Usama Al Kazemi.  The farm is the most stunning you may ever see and the horses themselves are as beautiful as you will find anywhere.  Usamah was our host all week and made our visit very special.  He took extra good care to make sure we visited many breeders in the area, such as Al Safinat Farm, owned by Khaled Ben Shokor and Al Sharg/Al Rayah stud, owned by lifelong friends Talal and Alaa.  

A visit to Kuwait would not be complete without seeing Bait Al Arab (The state stud of Kuwait) and Ajmal Arabian Stud owned by Mr. Mohammed Marzouk, the owner of Ansata Hejazi, who has been very influential in the breeding program of Kuwait and seen in many of the horses and breeding programs here. Our host Klaus Beste made sure our visits to Ajmal and Bait Al Arab were something to remember.

Thank you to all the farms for taking time out of your busy schedule to show us your beautiful horses. If you ever want the experience of a lifetime, we suggest you visit Kuwait and the many fine breeders of Arabian horses here.  You will not regret it.” 

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